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Our goal is to present true life Situations while giving a Godly solution ... 

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The Dwelling Place 

Best Kept Secrets

In Times Like These
In Times Like These - Pt 2
Dying to Live

Safe House

In Times Like These PT 2

Deals with real life situations such as homelessness, mental and physical abuse, abortion, adultery and pornography. As the character's come to life right before your eyes, you will find yourself caught up in the emotions of each scene. You will feel their pain and witness God's awesome power of restoration.

Chanel thinks her husband is having an affair with another woman but is he?

Jeff has a secret that could destroy his family. Will Sidney be able to forgive?

Regina must make a choice between life and death.

Dying to Live

Is a Gospel Stage play about people of faith that must face life's most difficult challenges. Where their faith is tested and their love for each other is questioned. What happens when two families must cope with the reality of HIV/AIDS.

Deja thought she had it all. A nice home, a good job and a loving family. The only thing that she needed to complete the package was the love of her life Miles. But one phone call would turn her world up side down.

Miles must make a choice that will alter the very essence of his faith in God and love for one woman.

Monique & Lance love each other with an everlasting love and their faith in God is what bonds them together, but their faith is about to be tested. Will their faith stand the test?

Best Kept Secrets

This play is about a first family that must face the secrets in their past in order to move on to their future. Where their faith in God is tested and their love for each other is questioned.  Don’t miss this riveting and provocative drama! The gospel stage play that’s taking New York by storm!

Just when you think you know someone you find out you don’t. 

  • Bishop Johnston’s rooster has come home to roost. 
  • Zion is a man out for revenge with nothing to lose. 
  • Lydia’s selfish ways may cost her, her marriage.
  • Can Solomon bring himself to forgive?

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The Dwelling Place

In the Dwelling Place life is not always what it seems. But you are sure to find just what you need. When the lives of 5 women hang in the balance, it is up to them to change their fate.

  • Nadine's heart has turned hard. What will it take to soften it?
  • Can Kris forgive?
  • Marcy must battle her demon, will she win?

Welcome to The Dwelling Place!